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Sunday Bulletin, 10-23-22

Order of Service

  • Call to Worship
  • Worship: Dan Palomino and Team
  • Prayers of the People: Sarah Reichert
  • Announcements: Roy Culver
  • Life Group Leader Introductions
  • Tithes and Offerings
  • Meet and Greet
  • Sermon: Isaiah 6:1-8, Pastor Tim Dally
  • Worship: Worship Team
  • Benediction


  1. Members Meeting, 10/23: The Leadership Team invites everyone to attend a meeting after church today. (Sorry, we won’t have childcare.) The meeting will include updates on finances, ministries, and a Family Camp debrief.

  2. The Well lunch at Steelcraft will start 30 minutes later than originally scheduled.

  3. Life Groups Are Underway: Groups are available in person and on Zoom. Sign up:

  4. Tree Planting, November 5: FOL is a co-sponsor of an event to plant 100 trees around Silverado Park. We have been asked to provide granola bars for volunteers. Please contact for more info. Also on that day, there will be a credit union meeting at 11 am at Silverado.

  5. Prayer Team: The FOL Prayer Team is available to pray with you after the sermon during the last worship set.

  6.  Giving: Please give your tithes and offerings online (, but if you would like to write a check or give cash, place it in the box.
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