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Leadership Team Nomination Committee

On June 30, 2023, three members of the FOL Leadership Team will conclude their terms. In order to prepare for the transition, Chair Maura Ventura announced that the Leadership Team has put forward five candidates to serve on a Nomination Committee. The committee will be tasked with presenting three potential Leadership Team members for approval by the congregation.

First, FOL must vote to approve the members of the Nomination Committee. This vote will begin on November 20 (via Election Buddy) and will be open for two days. Once approved by the FOL members, the committee will work to discern who God is calling to be on the FOL Leadership Team and present them for consideration by the congregation.

The nominees for the committee are: 
  • Alice Gonzales (Staff team representative and chair)
  • Rebekah Oragwu (Leadership Team liaison)
  • Jason Brunt
  • Stephanie Chang
  • Dillon O’Donohue

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Leadership Team via email or in person.

We ask for your prayers for the church and for all of those who will serve on the Nomination Committee and future members of the Leadership Team. And please pray a blessing on the current members of the team who have served in such a challenging moment in the life of our church!
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