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Sunday Bulletin, 1-8-23

Order of Service

  • Worship: Daryl Holmlund and Team
  • Prayers of the People: Nayelli Casarrubias
  • Announcements: David and Shari Uyematsu
  • Tithes and Offerings
  • Meet and Greet
  • Sermon: Acts 2:1-4, Pastor Tim Dally
  • Worship
  • Benediction


  • Faith and Finances: David and Shari Uyematsu are leading a new cohort of Faith and Finances. Learn about financial stewardship and gain practical skills. Classes will take place on Sundays from 12:00 – 2:30, 1/22 to 4/2. For more information, email or
  • The Well Prayer Retreat: Ladies, please save the date, March 10-11, 2023 for a prayer retreat at the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in Palos Verdes. The retreat will begin on Friday at dinner and end at 5:00 pm on Saturday.
  • FOL Calendar: If you are planning a ministry event and you would like to reserve meeting space at the Training Center or Family Center, please contact
  • Updated Addresses: If you moved during 2022 and need to update your address in the FOL records, please email
  • Giving: Please give your tithes and offerings online (, but if you would like to write a check or give cash, please place it in the box.
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