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Sunday Bulletin, 12-3-23

Order of Service

  • Call to Worship: Caroline Sato
  • Song of Adoration: Dan Palomino and Team
  • Prayer of Confession & Assurance of Pardon: Caroline
  • Advent Candle Lighting
  • Worship Songs
  • Scripture Reading, John 14:1-7: Pastor Kim Morrison
  • Prayers of the People: Pastor Kim
  • Greet Your Neighbor
  • Sermon: Gaby Schmidt
  • Worship
  • Benediction


  1. Advent Devotionals: Check out the devotionals by 25 members of the FOL community. Link:
  2. Quarterly Leadership Training, Saturday, 12/9: 8:00 – 12:00, Training Center: Pastor Kim will lead a training on how to shepherd/nurture/care for others. RSVP:
  3. The Well Movie Night & Cookie Exchange, 12/15: 6:30 – 10 pm, Training Center: Ladies, please save the date. Bring two dozen cookies to share during the movie and exchange afterwards. We’ll be showing, “The Lion, the With, and the Wardrobe.”
  4. Family Sunday Tacos, 12/17: Join us for tacos in two weeks!
  5.  Save the Date: Winter Youth Camp @ Alpine Camp, 1/26 – 1/28, Middle and High School youth, please mark your calendars.
  6.  Tithes and Offerings: You may give online ( or place your offering in the wooden box to the right of the stage.