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Sunday Bulletin, 12-10-23


  • Call to Worship: Saemina Park
  • Song of Adoration: Dan Palomino and Team
  • Prayer of Confession & Assurance of Pardon: Saemina
  • Advent Candle Lighting: High School Ministry
  • Worship Songs
  • Scripture Reading, Isaiah 58:6-12: Lucy Sato
  • Prayers of the People: Lucy
  • Greet Your Neighbor
  • Sermon: Nayelli Casarrubias
  • Worship
  • Benediction


  1. Advent Devotionals: Check out the devotionals by 25 members of the FOL community. Link:
  2. Family Sunday Tacos, 12/17: Join us for tacos next week!
  3. FOL Prayer Ministries: If you’ve been curious about what FOL prayer ministries are up to, or are interesting in joining a prayer team, please come to a brief info and Q & A session next Sunday, 12/17 (we’ll eat tacos first!). Nayelli, Bailee, and Caroline will describe the ministries and answer any questions you have, and share opportunities to get involved.
  4. The Well Movie Night & Cookie Exchange, 12/15: 6:30 – 10 pm, Training Center: Ladies, please save the date. Bring two dozen cookies to share during the movie and exchange afterwards. We’ll be showing, “The Lion, the With, and the Wardrobe.”
  5. Save the Date: Winter Youth Camp @ Alpine Camp, 1/26 – 1/28, Middle and High School youth, please mark your calendars.
  6. Are you interested in Baptism or Membership? If you are interested, please contact Pastor Kim.  
  7.  Tithes and Offerings: You may give online ( or place your offering in the wooden box to the right of the stage.