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Learn About Life Groups

We hope that you will consider joining a weekly small group Bible study. The groups time in the Word, fellowship, and prayer. Studies correspond with the scripture of the week for the sermon series. In January, we will begin a series on 1 Thessalonians

Groups meet in person and online. Sign up here for a group.

Mondays @ 6:30 (North Torrance)
  • Leaders: Saemina Park, Nehemiah Rubio, Dan and Sylvia Palomino

Tuesdays @ 8:00 (Zoom)
  • Leaders: Kristin O'Donohue and Bailee Ridder

Wednesdays @ 6:30 (East Long Beach)
  • Daniel Groot, Carl and Kelli Vos

Thursdays @ 7:30 pm (Zoom)
  • David Uyematsu

Thursdays @ 7:00 (South Wrigley)
  • Stephen Kazim, Roy and Sara Culver

Fridays @ 9:00 am (West Long Beach, Spanish Language)
  • Caroline Sato

Fridays @ 6:30 pm (West Long Beach)
  • Pastor Kim and Bill Morrison