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Sermon: The Sunrise Shall Visit Us

Each week, Pastor Kim will provide resources to accompany the sermon series, including a Spotify playlist, a book recommendation, and a tool to help you apply what you're learning. This week includes a book recommendation.

Listen to the sermon audio.

Open Spotify and listen to the playlist.

The purpose of this playlist is to help you live the gift that is your life!!!

Hopefully the Holy Spirit will connect you to the Word, reminders of God’s desires for the human race, understandings of how our neighbors engage with life and much more! Many of these songs will be from artists who may not personally know Jesus—they are here because all good things are taken up into the life of God and belong to God. He provided the resources to create these songs and when they are shared they become part of the good gifts that God gives us.

Every week new songs will be added based on new themes that arise from our time in the Word on Sundays! I hope you enjoy!

Please email me any song suggestions you might have:

Book Recommendation

Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times Paperback – September 3, 2015

In this prophetic exposition of Lamentations, Rah provides a biblical and theological lens for examining the church’s relationship with a suffering world.

It critiques our success-centered triumphalism and calls us to repent of our hubris. And it opens up new ways to encounter the other. Hear the prophet’s lament as the necessary corrective for Christianity’s future.

Rah’s history as a pastor makes his writing remarkably pastoral as he helps us grieve the sins of our society and those of the church.